MSF as an employer

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MSF as an employer

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31.05.2021 | Oppdatert 07.06.2021

We are looking for colleagues who are morally committed to humanitarian action and accept the risks of the mission. They also demonstrate flexibility in their work and accept to be sent abroad according to humanitarian needs. Finally, they respect the MSF Charter as well as the Employee Charter, and must adopt a modest lifestyle during missions.

The management of MSF’s human resources is based on the concepts of volunteering, equity, transparency and recognition of the value of each individual.

MSF salaries reflect the humanitarian spirit of volunteerism, while recognizing the high levels of professional skill of our field staff. Increases are based on expertise and experience. For example, after one year of engagement for MSF the salary increases. MSF offers the opportunity to attend trainings and workshops, organised internally or externally, relating to specific career development or individual growth.

Learn more about our behavioural commitments and our mechanisms and procedures to fight abuse, exploitation and harassment in the work environment.




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